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Our Story

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JE was established in 1979 by our founders, JeDfrey Gan and Evelyn Gan. More than 30 years ago, as pioneering skincare professionals with a wealth of experience helping clients with the treatment of problem skin, our founders set out to create a suite of skincare products that would be safe, effective, cost-efficient and most importantly, suitable for skin exposed to tropical environments. We quickly gained a following due to our impressive track record of providing safe and effective solutions for the treatment of acne, oily skin, pigmentation, skin-aging and sensitive skin. After being in the business for more than 30 years, We continue to build on our excellent reputation.


All JE products have been specially formulated to be safe, effective and compatible for MESO Therapy (non-surgical injection treatment).
Our formulations include NANO-Tech active ingredients with M.D.S. (Micro Delivery System) to ensure fast, effective and safe results at an economical cost.
Our active ingredients are mainly herbs & vitamins, plant and fruit extracts, biological enzymes, ceramides, minerals, peptides, lipo and aquasomes.

In 2013, We invested in a new production facility in Johor, Malaysia that has obtained GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification. Research and Development is a key focus for us as we spare no effort in improving our formulations and adding to our range of products.

As a testament to our team’s dedication to offer the best possible skincare solutions to our customers, we continue to find ways to upgrade our production facilities and manufacturing processes.

We also engage in OEM Manufacturing. As a tightly-run, family-owned business,

we have maintained our production facilities at an ‘optimum’ scale

rather than engaging in mass production. 

As a result, we are able to do production runs in small to medium quantities.

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