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Sarkar, Viraj Kumar, Varun Dhawan & Mumbai Rising stars Raza Javed, Eijaz Khan.  - RKO Release Date : April, 2015  BIRTH OF LOVE The Maratha Empire was the oldest empire to exist in the region. The empire was fragmented into many small kingdoms and is known today as Western Maharashtra, Orissa, North Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Vidarbha region in Maharashtra, and Kerala. The empire was founded by Chatrapati Shivaji, who adopted Hindu culture, is said to have been influenced by the ideas of the prophet Muhammad and gained a reputation as the last independent Hindu king of India. Shivaji was the second son of Purushottam Thakur and his wife Devji Shahu. Shahu was considered a saint by the people and was believed to have left his body in a cave and his soul in the heavens. But a hawk flew over his body, grabbed some of the feathers, and this legend began. Devji Shahu Ganesh Chatrapati, an aristocrat, realized the military potential of the Marathas, who were a nomadic tribe, and took a general's oath with Shivaji. Shivaji's mother was a princess of the Bahmani dynasty. Shivaji was 13 years old when he ascended to the throne. The city of Pune was a strategic point to Shivaji. Around Pune, there were many Hindu temples and Shivaji built a fort, the Hinglaj, around the fort. He protected all these temples with a large army. Shivaji gained recognition and respect by defeating the Nawab of the Bijapur state. When Shivaji ascended to the throne of the Maratha Empire, he adopted the philosophy of Hinduism and Islam. Shivaji named the city of Pune as the capital of the empire and made it a state. Raja Rangacharya In 1707, Shivaji's court physician was the renowned mathematician and astronomer of the era, Dr. Raghunathrao. Dr. Raghunathrao wrote that Rangacharya, son of the Jain monk Narayanaji was a genius. He learned the art of navigation at sea. However, he developed an intolerance for women, became drunk, ate feces




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Bajirao Mastani Movie Download Khatrimaza Movies keillang

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