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Freckles & Pigmentation Skin

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Freckles are spots that form on the skin that are often brown but can also be tan, black, yellow or reddish in color. Freckles can be caused from being out in the sun without protective sunscreen. The marks typically form when skin cells that produce pigment are damaged and this pigment: Melanin becomes more concentrated in certain areas. An overproduction of melanin can cause uneven skin tone or dark patches. The causes of hyperpigmentation are sun exposure, acne scarring or hormonal changes.

That is why with JE SKINCARE Freckles and Pigmentation Management Series, we offer a wide range of efficacy to treat your freckles and pigmentation and preventing furthermore.

Here is a step by step to give you a solution to your freckles & pigmentation skin.

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